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thrillerer ♪ thriller thrill n ♪ thriller thriller night ♪ thriller thriller night remember that? ♪ thriller thriller night >> that's timeless. >> do it again. >> that was the move. the move. that was the move. >> you guys both know how to move. i don't. >> that's right. okay. so what does a zombie attack have to do with your tax dollars? one has actually funded the other, believe it or not. >> yeah.
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that story's crazy. it's just one example of what some say is a huge waste of money. abc's john karl has more. >> reporter: the zombie apocalypse. this isn't some really bad "b" movie. it's an actual scene from the 2012 counterterrorism summit attended by law enforcement officials around the country. summit tickets, $1,000 a pop. paid for with your tax dollars. the zombies look scary, but organizers say the skit was solely to add levity to an otherwise serious meeting on protecting the homeland. senator tom coburn says it's just another example of more than $7 billion in questionable homeland security spending every year. >> wow. wasted. >> reporter: in a new report, coburn cites example after example, including nearly $30,000 for an underwater robot in columbus, ohio, the $69,000
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hovercraft for indianapolis. and this, the sleepy town of keene, new hampshire, citing the need to secure its annual pumpkin festival was awarded a grant to buy a bearcat armored vehicle. price tag? $240,000. the department of homeland security said the grants make our communities safer places to live. coburn said there is just too much waste. examples are tip of the iceberg? >> sure, all over the government everywhere you look. >> reporter: what? >> waste, incompetence and stupidity. >> reporter: can you ever be too prepared for the zombie apocalypse? jonathan karl, abc news, capitol hill. >> what's that? it's hard to make the case for raising taxes when you see some of the crap our taxes go for. you know what i mean? so those stories do not help the cause for some on capitol hill.
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you know what i mean? >> it's called waste management. >> the government. coming up next, who was planning to make money now off "the david letterman show" petraeus sex scandal? and we have breaking celebrity news involved a quarterback and a supermodel next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. celebrity news involved a quarterback and a supermodel
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♪ skinny so skinny
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♪ skinny so skinny >> skinny in the house! >> skinny's in the house! >> oh, willis. ♪ skinny so skinny >> skinny in the house! >> skinny's in the house! >> oh, willis. and you know who else is in the house? another baby for gisele bundchen and her quarterback of a husband tom brady. >> popped it out. >> that's horrible. let's hope you're not in the delivery room some day. i'm not. i'm down in the lobby. >>, she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, vivian. the third child for tom. he has a son with his ex, bridgette moynihan. the second child for this couple now -- they have a 2-year-old son benjamin and now a little girl, vivian. not sure if it was a water birth. remember she famously said little pain. she had the baby at home. all was well, and then she was a size zero the next day. >> whatever the kid is, it is going to be so ugly, with those two parents. are you kidding me? >> and short. >> yeah, really. congratulations. that is very cool. also, "the david letterman show" petraeus sex scandal, that was dominating the news the last couple of months.
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and, of course, now there's going to be a tell-all book written by jill kelley. you probably know the face by now. she is the wealthy tampa socialite who is the one who blew the whistle, you can say, going to the fbi about threatening e-mails that led to revelation of the affair between petraeus and broadwell. they're saying look -- she is angry, lampooned by the press, lampooned by "saturday night live." she wants to get her story out there to sit the record straight. instead of doing a tv interview, she wants to do a book, tell the story, get her side out there. sometime next year expect the jill kelley book. no one is shocked by this news. >> i am thoroughly shocked. >> where there is scandal there is money to be made. we know that game. so martha stewart -- >> martha. >> yes. martha apparently had a case of salmonella over the holidays -- over thanksgiving, she tells "the new york post" page six. it forced her to cancel appearances, meetings. on page six she said, quote, i never get sick. came down with salmonella. i think i caught it handling so many turkeys around thanksgiving.
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she said the plus was that she lost a little bit of weight, but she was in bed for days and it was terrible. >> terrible. >> terrible. >> she survived prison food, but the turkey did her in. life is tough for martha. we want to extend our best wishes and warm thoughts to brook burke-charvet because as you all know, the gorgeous host of "dancing with the stars," we told you a few weeks ago she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. she had the surgery. after hours of coming out of the surgery, tweeted the picture, assuring everybody made it through fine. doing okay. declared on twitter, something i cannot say on the air. let's just say she said "f" cancer is what she tweeted out. she beat it. sh is finally doing well. she thanked her doctors. she is recovering nicely. we love to hear stories with a happy ending like that. so welcome back to the gorgeous brooke burke. >> she's trying to say fly away cancer. >> yeah. nice segue. >> mm-hmm.
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♪ it's friday friday got to get down on friday everybody ♪ ♪ it's friday friday got to get down on friday everybody ♪ you know what it's time for? >> the worst song ever written. >> time -- is that song playing? >> that song is playing in hell. in a loop. it's time for a look back in the news to what happened this week. >> indeed. from the fiscal cliff to the royal baby watchi inwatch, here
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"friday rewind." >> i think we're going over the cliff. it's pretty clear they made a political calculation. >> unfortunately the speaker's proposal right now is still out of balance. >> the president's idea of a negotiation is roll over and do what i ask. >> if i was working the way congress and the president are working, i would probably lose my job. >> it's absolutely wonderful news, and i'm delighted for them. i'm sure they will make absolutely brilliant parents. >> the duty of the wife of the future king is to provide an heir and hopefully a spare. >> this is potentially very serious for a pregnant woman. at this stage of pregnancy, however, most of the risks lie with the mother. >> there is no -- >> no extradition treaty. >> -- no extradition treaty. i chose guatemala carefully. >> all i know is there is a player with a gun. and i know that's not a good thing. >> it was an individual that did something that he snapped.
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and that i don't understand. i probably never will. >> i accidentally held it up. the dolphin jumped up and ate the carton and bit my hand. >> we got this video. let's make it public, and let's try to put some pressure on seaworld to make some changes. >> it all happened so fast. i don't know what i could have done more other than jump onto the tracks and try to save him. >> it means possibly the end of the world. i do know about the mayan calendar. i have done some research on it. >> the maya not only did not predict an end to the world or the calendar, but they predicted things would go on for thousands of years after 2012. >> excuse me! >> i'm famous. you don't know me. my name is jay. what's your name? >> ellen. >> ellen. do you like music? >> what do you do? >> i make music. >> her granddaughter does know jay-z. and the granddaughter and her get together. >> she'll be at the next concert.
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and, finally, 'tis the season for funny movies. we want your help to pick the best. it's our classic christmas comedy competition. >> log on to our website, wnnfans. vote early and often. "christmas story," "bad santa," national lampoon. pick one. we want to hear from you. so weigh in. we'll tell you later this month who won. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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breaking right now, a major earthquake hits japan. >> a tsunami warning issued. severe shaking in the same area that was devastated by that tsunami back in 2011. we are live in tokyo with the very latest. we get a critical snapshot of the economy this morning. when we'll learn if hurricane sandy also devastated the nation's job market. incredible

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